Top Food Influencers in India 2022

Top Food Influencers in India 2022

India is a country that offers a diverse range of cuisines. For many years, the country has been praised for its wide range of authentic and delectable food. It’s difficult to decide what to eat when you’re presented with an endless array of options. Unlike in ancient times, we now have more access to the best delicacies from all over the world, making our lives more satisfying.

Foodies from all across the country have the best tips for a wholesome experience, from choosing the best venues to dine to choosing the best delectable from the menu. Not only that, but with the rise of digital media, chefs from all over the world have been eager to share their recipes with you so that it is easy to prepare a delicious meal at home.

Cooking is, as the saying goes, “love made visible.” Food channels on YouTube have now surpassed cooking shows on TV with their ease of accessibility and wide range of recipes. They have undoubtedly captured the interest of the audience and held it fascinated by offering both reviews and recipes for delicious dishes. If you’re a foodie, these top YouTube & Instagram influencers in India will satisfy your cravings for delectable foods.

1) Mrinal (Mrinal’s Blog)

Mrinal Das Vengalat is a Keralite food lover and influencer as well as a world-renowned restaurant consultant. He is one of those people who never get tired of eating. His Mrinals Vlog has become synonymous with taste thanks to its viral success on YouTube and social media. Through his facial expressions, he communicates to his audience the quality of the meal he is eating.
According to Mrinal, there’s only one way to reduce stress, that is to eat what makes you happy. Whether it be Kappa (tapioca) and Pazhankanji (gruel of rice leftover from the previous day) or Burger or Pizza keep having what you like, that’s the only way you can keep away from stress.

2) Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari is a popular YouTuber and Vlogger who is famous for her food and travel vlogs. She was born in Jaipur and began her vlogging career in 2016. Her YouTube channel grew significantly when she started making videos of traditional Rajasthani food
Her on-screen presence on television has also been well received by the audience. ABP News has hailed her as a rising digital sensation. Apart from food, she also uses her alternate YouTube channel to document and share her shopping and vacation adventures in each city she visits.

3) Uma Raghuraman (Masterchefmom)

Uma Raghuraman is a devoted mother and a talented chef. Her two-decade culinary odyssey culminated in her made her become one of the top food bloggers in India, with her blog including over 1000 recipes from cuisines all over the world. She also posts these recipes on her Instagram and Facebook accounts to complement her site. While talking about social media you might want to take a look at top social media influencers in Kerala 2021

4) Richa Hingle (Veganricha)

Richa Hingle, a software engineer turned home cook is a day saver for vegan foodies out there. Making the vegan dish is not easy but Richa has made it seem effortless. Her Insta feed is full of vegan Indian dishes ranging from simple snacks to main course dishes for lunches and meals. She shares mouthwatering recipes of vegan dishes on her Youtube channel veganricha.
With two cookbooks to her credit, she shows how regular Indian dishes can be veganized while remaining nutritious.

5) Kanak Kathuria (Kanak’s Kitchen)

Kanak Kathuria is a passionate chef who enjoys experimenting with new recipes. She likes to play around with the traditional dishes that she has learned from her mother and grandmother. She develops cuisine that is a fusion of these recipes and flavours and modern-day cooking techniques. Each of her dishes is a culinary treat.
She started her Youtube channel Kanak’s Kitchen back in 2015. Her kitchen serves food that is a cross between the local Dabba or tiffin service and the office canteen. She began by delivering home-cooked meals to busy people who don’t have time to cook but want a mix of cuisines prepared and presented with style.

Indian food bloggers have amassed followings on new media for more than a decade. The food blogging culture has dramatically changed over time, from popular cuisines to fads, fashions, and movements. They have been continuously evolving and they found new opportunities and scope for business that match their interest and passion.

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