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2 Important Formulas for PPC Data Interpretation

PPC advertising is a highly targeted and effective marketing tool, but to understand how it can work for you, you need to track certain metrics and understand certain formulas to determine its true value. There are several formulas within the categories of Cost Per Click (CPC) and Return On Investment (ROI) that will give you a better understanding of your PPC performance.Hemito Digital is the best digital marketing company in kochi who are specialized in handling different social media platforms, especially LinkedIn.


Cost Per Click

When it comes to a pay-per-click campaign, cost per click is one of the most important calculations, as it provides the exact cost per click.


 Click-Through Rate: Related Formula

Click-through rates are important because they serve as a bridge between your cost per click and cost per thousand impressions. The CTR measures the number of people who view the ad versus the number of people who click on it.


Return On Investment

CPC and CPM are important numbers to know when determining the cost of your leads, but return on investment is arguably even more important. Return on investment is important because it does not only consider the cost of the campaign, but also its effectiveness.

PPC campaign tracking provides you with numbers-based information regarding the benefits of your advertising campaign and how many sales are generated as a result. As important as comparing ROI is, comparing results from different campaigns will assist you in determining which campaigns are most effective in generating leads, converting customers, and increasing sales.

One difficulty you will encounter when calculating the ROI of a PPC campaign is that every sale cannot be directly attributed to the campaign. Suppose, for example, that a customer saw your PPC ad, clicked through, browsed your site, but then chose to order by phone rather than online.There are other steps that need to be taken in order to accurately calculate ROI for PPC. With call tracking, you can determine the larger picture by using different phone numbers on different landing pages based on the keyword you have selected.


Conversion Rate

In order to calculate your return on investment (ROI), you need to keep track of the conversion rate: that is, the percentage of leads who finalize their engagement after clicking through. Remember, this term can refer to any action you take in order to win over a prospect – whether it’s sales or anything else.


Why is the importance of conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is essential if you want to understand how effective your PPC campaigns are. By measuring how many people click through to your landing pages, and subsequently convert into customers, you can see where there might be room for improvement. This information can also help with budgeting, targeting future ads and seeing which methods seem to work best for converting leads into paying customers.

If you locate that there is a hassle with your conversion rates, then go again to your internet analytics to see the place site visitors are abandoning. You can additionally retarget abandoners to decrease your buying cart abandonment fee with survey emails inquiring for similarly records about why they didn’t convert.Hemito Digital is a leading social media marketing company in Kochi that helps you in analysing the PPC data interpretation.


Cost Per Acquisition

To calculate a company’s cost per acquisition, they would first need to tally up the total amount of clicks (or visits) that their website received in order to determine how much money was spent on those clicks. From there, they can divide this number by the number of conversions (regardless if any leads were generated as a result) and then multiply it by 100. This will give you an idea of what your cost per conversion rate is for that particular campaign or marketing initiative.




Two of the most necessary metrics to center of attention on when inspecting your PPC records are fee per click on and return on investment, however inside these categories, there are different formulation you can use to generate indispensable calculations about your efforts. The commonplace consensus is that matters like ROI and conversion quotes are amongst the most necessary metrics to pay interest to with PPC reporting, however there are a variety of unique elements you have to think about as properly if you favor to see the entire picture.

Remembering what you do with your data is just as important as collecting PPC data in the first place. Unless you have specific goals in mind for modifying campaigns based on the data, there’s no reason to keep track of how well they’re performing. Instead, use formulas to determine information and then make changes or adjustments to your advertising efforts accordingly in order to reach desired results.Hemito Digital is the top social media marketing agency in Kochi, helps you in PPCdata interpretation


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