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What are the best AI and marketing automation tools?

In the past, artificial intelligence (AI) was depicted as a futuristic idea in science fiction movies and books. However, in our highly advanced digital era, it has become a common reality. Access to AI has never been easier, and it has transformed industries by enhancing intelligence and efficiency. This includes the marketing industry.

Marketing automation, a powerful aspect of AI, is assisting brands in elevating their productivity while achieving better outcomes from their marketing efforts. Likewise, AI is used in our best digital marketing company in Kochi to promote marketing. The combination of human and AI efforts is proving to be a successful formula, as long as the correct tools are utilized.


What is AI in marketing?

AI in Marketing refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies in the field of marketing.

Marketing automation involves utilizing a system that can carry out repetitive tasks such as managing subscriber lists, sending notifications about abandoned shopping carts, and delivering automated customer support, among others.AI-powered marketing tools facilitate this automation process and typically integrate with existing applications and platforms.


AI For Sales Automation

Sales automation software offers a user-friendly and cost-efficient solution for marketers to create customized email campaigns that enhance customer engagement and communication effortlessly on a large scale.Aside from email campaigns, sales automation software is also a valuable tool for organizing prospect meetings, ranking leads, and collecting important information.


Let’s examine some of the top AI marketing and sales tools currently available.


Phrasee is an AI marketing solution that concentrates on enhancing “brand language.” It leverages AI to improve the language used by companies in their marketing copies, including emails, social media posts on Instagram and Facebook, and even push notifications. The platform uses a natural language generation system and a machine learning algorithm to produce brand-compliant and impactful copy that sounds human.



SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that offers an array of features for SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, analytics, and more. It is commonly used in top SEO agency in Kochi. Its standout feature is the position tracker, which allows businesses to monitor their keyword rankings compared to their competitors. You can even monitor your website’s ranking in relation to the top 100 results in Google’s organic or paid search.

3.Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense, an AI-powered email marketing tool, optimizes email delivery timing for each individual customer, enabling marketers to improve engagement with their audience by delivering emails at the most opportune moments. This tool also enhances email deliverability, which boosts the sender score, a crucial aspect for businesses that send large volumes of emails on a weekly basis. streamlines your email outreach by utilizing artificial intelligence. The tool creates personalized emails with captivating subject lines to attract customer attention. It also offers backlink creation, Shopify product title and description generation, and tailored cold email outreach. In addition, it enables integration with other third-party tools and platforms to enhance your cold email outreach process.


Optimove is a customer data platform equipped with AI-powered marketing capabilities. It integrates data from various platforms to present a consolidated view of all information in a single dashboard. This allows businesses to easily analyse, share, and make informed marketing decisions. Their AI tool, Optibot, leverages customer data to generate actionable insights. It can identify which campaigns to discontinue based on loss and alert you of customers who may be over-exposed to company communication.


AI Content Marketing Tools


Grammarly is a top-notch, free marketing tool for businesses. This AI-driven content marketing platform provides businesses with the ability to review and refine their written copy to ensure it is polished and professional.

Its AI technology accurately checks spelling and grammar in real-time online, and can also be added as a Google Chrome extension. Advanced features such as tone, clarity, and style assessments are available with the Premium and Business packages.


MarketMuse boasts of utilizing AI technology in all its offerings. This tool is ideal for businesses seeking assistance in creating optimized, long-form content such as emails, sales copies, landing pages, and articles.The process begins with a comprehensive AI research of the topic. Afterward, a first draft is generated based on the selected subject, providing users with a starting point for their copy. The tool also includes key performance indicators and a content outline to serve as a reference. Users can further edit the copy using the integrated editor and make modifications based on the AI’s recommendations.


Speed is the number one reason why artificial intelligence marketing tools should be present in every business. An AI tech crunches huge chunks of information taken from platforms like social media, email, and the Web. It also bridges the gap between the data and the actionable solutions you can implement to improve your marketing and sales campaigns.


Mobile Monkey offers businesses a convenient way to handle their marketing chat content with its multi-platform chatbot creator. With a Unified Chat Inbox and a collection of integrations, businesses can effortlessly scale their campaigns. The platform also features InstaChamp, a marketing chatbot specifically designed for businesses on Instagram.




Chatfuel is a popular chatbot solution that streamlines customer interactions by automating frequently asked questions and pre-qualifying leads for sales conversion. With seamless integrations to tools like Calendly, Shopify, and Google Sheets, and the option to create a custom integration through its API, Chatfuel provides a flexible platform to enhance marketing efforts.


Why should we use AI Marketing Tools?

Speed is the paramount factor that makes AI-powered marketing tools a must-have for any business. By quickly processing massive amounts of data from sources like social media, email, and the internet, these technologies bridge the gap between raw information and actionable insights for enhancing marketing and sales efforts.Thus why it is used in all digital marketing companies in Kochi.

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