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PPC data

2 Important Formulas for PPC Data Interpretation

PPC advertising is a highly targeted and effective marketing tool, but to understand how it can work for you, you need to track certain metrics and understand certain formulas to determine its true value. There are several formulas within the categories of Cost Per Click (CPC) and Return On Investment (ROI) that will give you […]

twitter analytics

6 Ways to Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter provides real-time information about events and happenings around the globe. As well as fostering connections and building trust, it promotes conversation and engagement. Use Twitter correctly and it can be an excellent marketing tool for brands. According to ‘The Global State of Digital 2022’, Twitter ranks 7th among internet users between 16 and 64 […]

B2B Audience

LinkedIn Analytics: How to Use It for B2B Audiences

Since it launched 20 years ago, LinkedIn has evolved into a career-building network that allows users to build a personal brand and showcase their professional portfolios online to peers, companies, and recruiters. It is an excellent platform for B2B marketing and for networking from a business perspective. Linkedin’s analytics are perfectly suited to B2B businesses […]

digital pr

How Can Digital PR Improve a Brand’s Presence?

There’s a digital revolution going on all over the world.Almost every day there is something new is coming out and once in a while some of them are bigger news. However big is your business is and whatever field it operates in, getting its name out there is your top priority. In these days brands […]

email marketing

The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Email Marketing

What is email marketing? Email marketing is the practice of sending messages to potential customers or current customers to boost your business. You can sell, educate and build loyalty by sending emails to prospective and current customers. It helps in developing brand awareness, building reputation, and helps in developing a trustworthy relationship with the customers. […]

brand with instagram

How To Build Your Brand With Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most rousing and trending social media platforms. Instagram has an enormous growth in the community reaching in past few years. Generally, Instagram users are more likely to follow brands on Instagram. For the time being, most of all Instagram users discover and research products on their Instagram feed. Instagram is […]

search ranking on youtube

Top Tips To Boost Your Search Ranking On Youtube

Videos are preferred any day over text by people, especially those who do not have much patience to read lengthy articles. Every day, scores of people browse platforms like YouTube to watch videos that range from entertainment to information. The possibilities of reaching one’s desired audience are endless on Youtube if used wisely. Both YouTube […]

Lead Generation

How to Automate Outbound Lead Generation

Lead generation is a critical process for all businesses. It helps companies connect with potential customers to find out whether they are a good fit for their products and services. When it comes to lead generation, let’s classify them into two types: inbound & outbound lead generation. Inbound lead generation requires the customers to find […]