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Changing the collective thinking: Top social media influencers in Kerala 2021

The new Covid world order has spurred Kerala into a radical new wave of change. And a good chunk of credit goes to social media influencers in popular social media platforms revolutionising Kerala, one step at a time. Thanks to the pandemic driven lockdown and the consequent increase in internet buzz, last year has witnessed a tremendous growth in the popularity of these social media influencers. The importance of youtube marketing is increasing by an incredible margin. We had the privilege of working with some of the biggest social media influencers in Kerala in 2021.

Check out these change making YouTube channels and top social media influencers in Kerala:


With a high spirited attitude and cheerful talk, this technology vlogger has fastened his own space in the hearts of Malayali Netizens in a very short time. He achieved his insane fan base posting simple and fun videos on topics related to technology Sanju earned his fame through technology videos at first and soon began creating more lifestyle videos packed with his life events, friends and family.  


This young fashion and beauty vlogger took malayali YouTube community by storm. Simple, lively and information-packed videos giving beauty and health tips are what made her a favourite among social media users. Unnimaya has now built for herself a strong space in the digital space with a throbbing 1.2 million followers in YouTube and more than 1 lakh followers in Facebook and Instagram


With more than 1.2 million subscribers in YouTube alone, Sujith Bhakthan is killing it as the most popular YouTube vlogger and social media influencer in Kerala. His video vlogs under the name “tech, travel and eat” covers many topics related to technology, travelling and food. Sujith is easily one of the top social media influencers in 2021.

ebadu-rahman- influence marketer

A strong passion for technology is what drove Ebadu Rahman start a youtube channel under the name Ebadu Rahman Tech. His tech videos soon gained wide popularity and he became a favourite among people who look for contents related to reviews, analysis, first looks, tutorials etc. related to electronic gadgets. Now Ebadu enjoys a steady increase in acclaim as his videos are getting viewed by more and more people every day.


Diya Krishna is a popular and talented vlogger who caught the attention of malayalees through her charming lifestyle videos. Coming from a celebrity family, fame is nothing new to the young model who is followed by a large number of viewers across all social media platforms in Kerala.

Influencer marketing has undergone drastic changes in 2021. Social media influencer marketing is not limited to celebrities anymore. Social media influencers are taking more spotlight as they are involved in brand promotion across social media platforms. The product mentions from best social influencers helps even smaller brands to accelerate their popularity in the digital world. People tend to trust the authenticity factor that these influencers put forward which helps in promoting their ideas or brands to masses. The highest paid social media influencers enjoy a leverage of good reach which grows further over a period of time.

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