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Several years ago, the idea of using social media for business might not have sounded important. Today social media has become a necessary ingredient for successful marketing of brands, products and services. Social media in business has come a long way from simple being used to broadcast brand image. Social media marketing has the power to bring you consistent results and is an essential element for any marketing strategy. The advertisements served on social media platforms reach users very quickly and in large numbers causing huge amount of conversions. Different platforms allow us to create different types of content and reach specific types of audience according to the business demands.


Any marketing strategy begins by defining itsbusiness goals clearly. The marketing team might have to consider the following questions first:

What is the end goal?

What type of audience are we trying to reach?

Which platform are they more likely to be in?

What is the type of content they respond to most?

What is the area/locality that needs to be focused on?

Once these questions are answered, the marketing team can start working on developing the plan. The marketing plan must be efficiently converted to a set of scheduled activities that needs consistent monitoring.


The popular social media platforms currently are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. LinkedIn offers a more professional way of marketing. Facebook has the most number of active users and is definitely one of the most efficient platforms for advertising. While trying to decide the best platform for business, one must keep in mind the end business goals. The list of platforms can be prioritised and ranked. Contents can be shared across these platforms and results analysed. Whichever platform you intend to use, it is crucial to implement a well-defined strategy and continuously track results. These results can be used to study and plan future efforts.


As the current largest socialmedia network in the globe, Facebook owns a heavy chunk of our attention today. An average user spends one to two hours on Facebook daily. Facebook Ads offer huge marketing efforts in terms of customer awareness, brand awareness and customer relationships.

Facebook ads manager allows you to locate target users based on location, age, demographic and interests. This is why Facebook is one of the most targeted advertising platforms of present times. The Facebook page for business must be visually appealing, simple and light. Often a cost effective Facebook ad strategy can also have an impact on organic searches too. The Facebook marketing companies in Kochi can run your facebook campaigns and monitor your business pages to build better brand identity.


YouTube is the best of current social media channels where you can create and share video content. There are many different types of video content that people pay attention to. An example is how-to videos which teach the audience about something new. Just like Facebook, YouTube also provides tons of opportunities for ad placement. Moreover, the likelihood of your videos getting shared in YouTube is high, granted your content is engaging and relevant.


Twitter is a great place to follow people or organisation of your field or industry. It is easier to draw a larger audience by tweeting on news, updates or other messages related to a niche subject. Twitter as a marketing tool has mostly to do with consistent and quality communication. Actions like retweeting some tweets about your brand or business can work in your favour. There are several twitter promotion companies in Kochi that can assist you with twitter marketing and draw more customers.


Instagram can be a very useful marketing platform if you can grow your follower base and convert them into customers. You need to define your Instagram audience and set goals before actual marketing. Then start sharing content that are consistent with the brand aesthetics.Ads on Instagram stories are a good idea to attract audience. Video ads are also an easily noticeable ad format in Instagram. You can also extend your feed ads to more people and get them hooked onto new interests.

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