Retargeting  and digital marketing

If you’ve ever visited some website and then see their banner ads seemingly following you around the web, then you’ve been re targeted. Go to some time and check out a product. Then, watch how you see Amazon ads for that product on other websites for some time.

Basically, what happens is that a person visits your website and cookie will be set to their computer. It is anonymous cookie and there’s no identifying information associated with it. But, the cookie is specific to whatever network you’re using for retargeting: Facebook, Google, etc.

Then, when that same person visits another website which is hosting banner advertising from a partner network, your ad can show up there. Or, while that person is browsing Facebook, your ad can show up in their news feed.

This allows you to bring people BACK to your site for a second time. Although this time, you bring them directly into a lead magnet squeeze page or direct to an offer.

Possibilities of a Retargeting Audience

Here are some of the things you can do with your retargeting audience…

  • Reach out to random visitors and direct them right into a squeeze page, thereby recovering a bounced lead and turning it into a real email lead.
  • A person who visited a top blog post about topic X – and you can now serve them a targeted ad for a product related directly to that topic.
  • Have a webinar coming up? Turn on a campaign which directs retargeted people direct into the webinar registration.
  • Person opts in for a lead magnet and you give them a 3-day promo for a front-end product. During those 3 days, you can be reminding them of the offer via retargeting. So, they see your emails AND ads on their favorite sites – all telling them about your offer.
  • Person visits blog post about topic X and you retarget them to a related post on the same topic using a paid placement.
  • Person visits one of your sales pages but doesn’t buy. You can bring them back in with a trial offer or something similar.

Even if you don’t plan to spend a single dime on this right now, you should still take the time to install the required code on your blog and begin building up your retargeting audience. Then, at least it will be there for you when you’re ready.

There are a lot of different options for retargeting. Such as:

Each network simply gives you a little blurb of code. This blurb of code would be placed into the header area of your blog. Just do it once and you’re set. From then on, anybody who visits your blog will get a retargeting pixel.

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