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Online advertising helps thousands of businesses of all sizes to grow every day and make tremendous profit. It is one of the most successful means of marketing a product or brand online. There are a thousand ways you can publish your ad online. This includes both paid and organic ads.


The pay-per-click advertising or PPC is also known as a paid search where you can bid on your keywords and publish ads when your users are searching for those specific terms. The ad auction enables the businesses to bid for their most relevant keywords. In the pay per click ads the cost of advertisements is based upon the number of clicks that a specific advertisement receives. So the advertiser pays a specific amount of fee each time their ad is clicked on.

A successful PPC campaign requires a lot of planning, research and strategizing. It takes a lot of effort to effectively align your keywords with your ad campaigns so that the landing pages are optimized for conversion. Sometimes the search engine even rewards the advertiser with less cost for advertisement if their ad is relevant and rich. This is especially the case if your landing pages can serve the users with exactly what they are looking for.


The success of any PPC campaign is built around how effectively you target your keywords. Keyword research is therefore a very important step in PPC Advertising. It is a time-consuming process to figure out the perfect long tail and low cost keywords that can drive considerable traffic to your site. The most effective PPC keywords are relevant, long tailed and adaptive. There are many tools available online that will help you to discover effective keywords that can be used for PPC campaign.


Often the organic marketing techniques and paid marketing techniques look so separate and differentiated. But a good marketer knows how to successfully combine both to form an efficient digital marketing plan. Social media marketing is all about communities and familiarising audience to the business thus drawing more brand awareness. Other techniques like blogs and content marketing primarily focuses on optimising website content for aiding more organic searches. Meanwhile for a paid advertising the main goal is to analyse performance with metrics and return value. But what many does not understand is, these three seeminglydifferent marketing techniques can in fact work hand in hand and complement each other. Organic efforts can benefit from paid ads by the apparent boost in brand awareness gained by displaying ads. The analytics and metrics on the ad platform point at what your target audience wants and are looking for. Realizing which ad content is useful and which are not is a highly beneficial way of deciding content for organic techniques like blogs.


There are a variety of online ad types available and we need to know them before deciding which platform is best for our brand. Some of the most popular ad platforms are as follows:

Google Ads

Google’s Ad words advertising platform allows marketers to bid for keywords create ads etc. These PPC ads then appear alongside Google search results when a search is made based on the relevant keyword.

Facebook Ads

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook provides advertisers an opportunity to reach a wide number of audiences. Facebook allows advanced targeting to audience and enables some good online marketing. You can publish your ad in Facebook through many ways. These include photo ads, video ads, lead ads etc. Story ads can be created with a combo of some of these.

Twitter Ads

The vast number of users in twitter and its popularity makes it a strong platform for delivering digital advertising. Twitter ads often include more investment and targeting of specific audience. But it also means that these ads are direct and specific in reaching potential customers.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads appear before or after a video is played and often with a few seconds duration. There is a great possibility for finding target audience based on the searches for similar kinds of videos. YouTube also allows stand-alone promotion videos of brands and advertising through influencers.

Google Display Ads

Display ads are often used for retargeting audience. Google display network allows to host display ads which can include text, image or video contents. Google display network allows you to make more visually appealing ads .The ads can also be placed over platforms like YouTube, Gmail etc.

Mobile Ads

The use of mobile devices has grown at an exponential rate in the last few years. A major proportion of consumers are more likely to use smartphones for internet browsing. Mobile ads are hence, a great way to advertise to these audiences.

Email Ads

Email ads are advertisements sent via emails. These often include news bulletins of brands like promotions, events, new features etc. These are sent to subscribers and with an intention of notifying the message as concise as possible. Email advertisements rely on catchy subject line to encourage the users to open up the letter.

Instagram Ads

With over 1 billion users, there are many ways of successfully advertising in Instagram. Photo ads, video ads, promoting ads from Facebook are all efficient means of advertising in Instagram. Instagram stories also allow brands to share consistent marketing. Or you can also simply promote posts from a personal account.


Online advertising trends are something that keeps changing forever and marketers must adapt to the constant changes to efficiently promote their brands. With more and more competitors in the market, the number of means of advertisements has also grown by large scale. The appeal of advertisements is therefore supremely important. With a large number of advertisements reaching them each minute, customers only tend to respond to ads that are creative, personalised and appealing. Contextual marketing is more relevant than ever. The importance of original creativity in display advertising will also be a prominent trend in the coming years.

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