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If you can pin point one certain type of content that currently dominates all social media platforms it is video. Video content can be a great tool for promoting a product, brand or service. The importance of video marketing for SEO and digital marketing has spiked up by a large margin in the recent years. Authentic and attractive videos can appeal to the audience like no other. What’s even cooler is the ease with which videos can be created nowadays. Even very high quality videos can be created with something as simple as a smartphone.

Video marketing has become a major marketing tactic in the current scenario. Today, the future of all marketing and sales strategies relies on the quality of their video marketing. A simple example is how landing page videos of websites can boost the conversion rate of the brand.

THE VIDEO MARKETING TREND OF 2020(info graphics)

It’s important to stay on top of the latest video marketing trends to form an effective digital marketing strategy. The popularity and need for video content has triple folded in 2020 compared to previous years. The importance of video content has grown from 75% of marketers believing they need video content in 2014 to 95% of them believing they need it in 2020. And this trend is only expected to go up. An average internetcitizen spends 80% of their daily online time in watching videos. By 2021, according to many marketing experts, this time statistics will grow further.

This supply of audience willdefinitely give digital marketers around the globe a boost to shift to more video marketing. Even small businesses are ready to share a considerable quantity of their investment in video advertising. Most businesses are satisfied with what they spend on videos and believe that it has provided considerable positive results.

The consumers look for videos in different subjects. A majority of people utilise these video sources for deciding if a product or service will be valuablefor them. Review videos, testimonials, product opening reviews etc. are examples of these kind of videos.

Another major trend in video marketing in 2020 is the length of videos. Surprisingly,longer length videos are being viewed now contrary to the past scenarios. People are more willing to sit through longer length videos which just give us more proof about the popularity of videos.


People love videos. Video is a very engaging type of content that manages to convey information in an attractive format and that too taking minimal time. In this age of fast information, nothing can convey messages as fast as video contents. It is also very easy to share video content across various platforms. It is one of the most versatile means of communication and advertising.

There are many types of videos in the internet world. Bust as long as a marketer is concerned these four are most important.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way for any brand to pitch advertising. People love to hear what other customers think about your products. There is a consumer trend today to search for these types of videos before deciding to buy any product. Videos with positive and genuine testimonials can greatly benefit the company.

  • Tutorials

Nearly everything can be learnt from internet videos. There is never a shortage for audience of tutorials or how to videos.  Genuine video tutorials can reach out to a potential customer base and make a profound impact on them. This free information often brings more result than direct advertisement.

  • Product review

Product reviews are another type of content that is getting very popular day by day. Consumers love a good product review. It helps them to choose from a sea of seemingly similar products. Product reviews from popular channels alone can decide the fate of a freshly launched product.

  • Animation

This is the type of video content that can convey information in a very direct and simple way. Animated clips have a charm that can be utilised to simplify a complicated subject.These are also immensely helpful to small businesses that are in a budget to make advertising videos. Such types of videos are easy to digest and fun, not to mention quite easy to create.


Videos are a powerful tool to improve search engine rankings and conversion rates. Search engine crawlers consider videos as high quality content. So including video content in your websites can boost its visibility and hence ranking. Optimised content rich videos are crucial to SEO. The importance of video in digital marketing is visible from the success rate of brands that has invested greatly in video marketing.


Vlogs are all about sharing a glimpse of anyone’s personal space. Vlog can create a space for creating a personalised identity to which your target audience can relate to. Facebook stories, Instagram stories and snap chats communicate to their viewers in a personal manner and also give a lot of space for creative marketing. Furthermore, vlogs build a real-time feel that people love and ask for more.Live videos account for a major amount of online traffic and the number is expected to grow further in future.

Vlogs can create and boost a customer’s trust in a brand by offering casual information. Businesses can co-depend and utilize social media influencers for building more brand awareness.


There is no better way of inbound marketing than educational, informative and attractive video contents.  Videos are fun and one of the easiestmeans of building relationship with prospective customers. This is one of the best ways any business can show what they are doing or their value to a target audience. Videos are also easily accessible with a large number of platforms that enables video marketing. They can also make a direct appeal to audience since people tend to trust visual sources more.

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