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Facebook has become so intertwined with our day to day lives that we don’t even notice anymore the amount of time we scroll through this social media platform every day. The popularity of Facebook among Indian users remains as intact as ever. In fact, it has even become a cultural necessity to keep up with the massive scale of news updates that appear in social media like Facebook.

Naturally, the heavy influence of this social media platform on daily life reflects on the business side of the world as well.

Facebook has now become an extremely huge marketing platform presenting new potential everyday. This happened parallel with a time when digital marketing techniques started to save small businesses and fresh businesses. The marketing opportunities in Facebook are endless. This platform provides an easy medium of access for businesses to reach customers and even target a specific section of customers. Facebook features have inevitably made the flow of sharing information stronger and smoother. Let’s take a look at how marketing benefits from this huge potential for sharing information.


It has become a necessity for every business regardless of size to utilise Facebook. Creating a Facebook web page is as crucial and necessary as creating a website now. This social media platform single handedly presents billions of potential customers who may need your product or services. No matter what your business is, it is guaranteed that at least a third of your customers reside in the Facebook world. Be it restaurants, grocery shopping, electronic items or sports wears-nearly every brand, small or big can be promoted through Facebook marketing. Local businesses can use their accounts to declare launching, updates, events and new arrivals of products through their accounts. Businesses can easily find their target consumers through related public groups. Political parties and celebrity profilers are the latest section of people who has realised Facebook’s infinite potential of building an online reputation. Public service campaigns, charity events and gatherings can also benefit from Facebook.


Creating a Facebook page

Of course, creating a Facebook account is the foremost step. The likely scenario of an interested customer looking up for your Facebook page is same as them browsing through your web page. It is crucial to maintain a level of consistency in the information provided in website and Facebook page. AlsoFacebookaccounts need not to look too professional or formal. An ideal Facebook page creates the best connections with its customers rather than focusing on the sales part alone.

  • Making connections

What business pages need to improve their fan base is creating connections that matter. One major aspect of this is frequent and consistent communication with people and making them feel responded to.

  • Develop brand identity

Facebook page is a great spot for businesses to show their relatable side. A Facebook page offers all freedom to share images, links ,videos or anything related to your product or brand and also present these content in a loose way. Such helpful content will draw more target audience to your page and improve the follower base.

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are classic marketplace ads which often include a link to an external source or website. Facebook advertising offers a lot of features like demographic selection, budget allocation, ad testing etc.

  • Contests and promotions

Facebook offers an all new arena for marketing in the form of hosting contests and promotions. Facebook contests help in engaging with more customers.

  • Staying consistent

Good organic marketing find its fruits of labour through consistent and frequent efforts. The recency of posts is a factor that decides user viewing. A business related post reaches its audience faster if it is posted frequently. Consistency of content is not relevant in his scenario as a Facebook page most likely benefit from trying out different content types, formats and interactive items.


Facebook marketing continues to influence and redefine popular digital marketing strategies. There are a few major Facebook trends in the recent years that will still be relevant in the coming years. One must take note of these trends to utilize the Facebook platform in the future.

1. Facebook Live

Facebook live engagement is steadily growing in numbers. The average reach of live posts remains a hard-to-ignore number. This fact proves the importance of Facebooklive in marketing. Facebook events, social shares and reposting are good ways to drive audience through live posts.

2. AR Ads

Facebook has started to provide more augmented reality realms in adverts. Brands can now use AR experiences to display their advertisements in all formats. Facebook has started to promote interactive digital spaces rather than static marketing content.

3. Facebook videos

Video has always been and continues to be the most integral part of Facebook marketing.An average Facebook user watches at least 8 hours of video per day. No matter how much videos are created and published every day in different channels, the popularity of video content will always tend to grow up.

4. Support for small businesses

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will be supporting more small businesses through commercial and payment tools that may benefit them. This will help the small businesses to gain easy access to the same resources big companies enjoy. This is indeed pleasant news for fresh and small entrepreneurs who hope to build good brand awareness.


Its great news that Facebook has begun to pay attention to advertisers and brands so that they can enjoy new tools for better marketing techniques. This could make FB ad campaigns more effective by drawing in more target audience.

Many new technologies are bloomed making it easy for the marketer to build stronger brand awareness. It is also positive news that Facebook helps to integrate these technologies into the platform easily. Nonetheless, the opportunities for digital marketing and brand awareness this social media platform offers remain endless.

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