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What is Facebook pixel ?

Facebook pixel in the simplest level can be explained as a code that is placed in a website, which helps to collect data that can track conversions from Facebook ads and also to build targeted audience for future ads. Pixels are the most common element across advertising platforms. The main functions of Facebook pixels help in getting better ROI.
 Custom audiences from your website
 Custom conversions
 Custom and standard rates
At the same time if you have installed the facebook pixel, it will helps you to track the movements of respective visitors on your website that are simultaneously logged into facebook. One of the most impressive parts of facebook pixel is its ability to create custom conversions. Along with this facebook pixel also helps in getting more information which will helps in creating more and better facebook ads in the future. This in terms improves the facebook conversion rates and helps in getting more ROI. And at the same time facebook pixels can even track customers on your device. The dynamic ads and the process of Facebook retargeting pixel data, allows showing ads to targeted people, who had earlier visited your page. If you are wishing for the proper working of the facebook pixels, it needs to be displayed on every page of your website. Facebook pixels help in tracking website activities; it also improves your return on advertising and also in reaching new and existing customers. Even if you are not a user of facebook ads yet it is very important to use facebook pixel, and this will helps you in collecting data that will helps you in finding the target audience. The facebook pixel also helps your business to see how the people interact with your business and website. Thus facebook pixels are an important and significant element in getting your business to the targeted audience, and at the same time help in creating a significant identity to the brand and the business.

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