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Internet users are on a rise these days. The people use it for business or for personal needs like shopping through ecommerce sites and even for scientific research. This is where quality search results come to help. Most of them click only the websites ranked on the first page of SERPs. This is why SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps find the best result.
Websites provide the content containing this information users are hurriedly looking for. There are millions of websites out there on the Internet and not all of them appear in search results. Behind every search query typed in by a user, a Google SEO or search engine robot indexes and collects data from every website on the web. Spiders crawl websites looking for keywords that match or are related to the words used in a user’s search query. The search engine robot uses a formula to then rank certain WebPages in the search results that are seen by the user.
The ranking of websites is important as every company strives to get their website at the #1 position. The first handful of search results will be read while those on the following pages will likely be ignored. It is only through a good online marketing with SEO optimization of one’s website that there is a greater chance of your website receiving one of these top rankings and increased website visitors and possible leads and customers.
• Keywords matter
Using the right keywords help in SEO. Keyword tools help identify industry or niche specific keywords, keyword phrases and keyword groupings to target and implement throughout the content on your website. The keywords with lower search volume, but high monthly searches help. Lower search volume indicates low competitiveness so that your company has better chance of ranking for them. When you decide to target long-tailed keywords your website’s chances of getting ranked increase and the people who find and visit your site will be more likely to be interested in your product or service
• Good Meta Descriptions bring results
The Meta description is the one or two lines that appear under the clickable web page heading giving a brief description of what that specific page is about. Its length can be from 160 to 300 characters. Meta descriptions longer than this are truncated as it has to be short and concise. When writing meta descriptions, think of the questions the user may be asking when they are conducting a search.
• Mobile Responsive websites is the need of the hour
There are more mobile users more than desktop or laptop and the difference in screen size make s it important to have a website that’s mobile responsive. Websites that aren’t mobile responsive will fit the screen size of a desktop or laptop computer, but won’t shrink to fit the small screen of a Smartphone. The result is a hard to navigate website when a user uses his or her Smartphone. Since mobile responsiveness is a big deal for user experiences that it is now a ranking factor in search ranking algorithm.
• Regularly Produce Quality, Optimized Content
Content of websites help get your website get ranked higher. A blog published regularly is where the keywords are implemented. Search engines also look for fresh, new content that would provide users with useful information that they are looking for. Consistent blogging also shows web users and search engines that you’re a credible and reputable source of information. Your blogs should be written in a way that is easy to read and understand and be free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors and contain a call to action or some form of engagement with the reader. Be aware of link bait and buying, keyword stuffing and plagiarism. Don’t excessively use the same targeted keywords and make sure your blog content is 100% unique and original.
• Improve Your Website’s Speed
Web users need a website that loads immediately. Site speed is also a factor search engine robots use in awarding search results rankings. You can improve the loading speed of your website by allowing caching, compressing the size of images and videos, remove unnecessary plugins and scripts and have a reliable web host.
• Optimizing Your Images is necessary
An ALT tag is used for the search engines to see your website images. Search engines are computers and only read text and numbers. The ALT tag is a brief description of a few words telling what the image depicts. It is a good idea to implement keywords in the ALT descriptions. Keyword rich ALT descriptions help your website appear more relevant to search engines.
The bottom line
Implementing SEO is a tedious process that helps you drive traffic to your website. The algorithm, or formula used by search results robots change frequently so constant monitoring of your website’s SEO tactics and to continuous adjustment bring more result. SEO tactics requires constant maintenance and adjustments over multiple years.

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