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Mobile marketing is definitely in everyone’s list of latest marketing trends now. And rightfully so. Mobile optimised websites play a crucial role in the success of any business now. The term mobile marketing covers a broad spectrum of strategies that intend to reach customers through their mobile devices. There’s a lot that can be done in this marketing branch that can bring you more leads and sales.

The average time an internet citizen spend on his/her mobile devices has definitely improved from the past couple of years. This is another one of those trends we can say with conviction will not die out quickly. Meaning – the importance of mobile marketing and mobile-optimised websites will only grow more in the coming years.

Why mobile marketing matters

More and more people are spending more time on their mobile devices. And this is a trend that is common in nearly all nations of the planet. Mobile devices give you ready information that you can access from anywhere, easier to carry around and is quite convenient if you don’t have a good chunk of money to spend on laptops and desktops. Also, what’s more comfortable than literally be able to do anything from a tiny device that fits your hand. Of course, we all get why mobile devices are getting more popular. Hence we can also guess why mobile marketing matters so much.

There are countless ways mobile devices help advertisers to market their products. Of course, optimising websites in a mobile friendly manner is the first step for successful mobile marketing strategy. Once your website is mobile friendly and has a responsive design, you can dive into various marketing techniques like SMS/MMS messages, mobile apps, location based alerts, social media marketing, personalized campaigns ,email alerts etc.

How to use mobile marketing for business

There are many Social Media Marketing Companies in Kochi who are specialized in mobile marketing techniques especially those involving social media platforms.

Mobile ads like text marketing, app based marketing and push notifications have a higher conversion rate than desktop conversion rates. A good number of consumers rely on their smartphones alone to make purchasing decisions.  It only makes sense that companies start investing more on mobile marketing opportunities rather than desktop advertising. Whatever strategy you adopt, remember mobile marketing is all about conveying short and quickly accessible information that are also clear and concise.

Building your mobile market strategy

An efficient and effective mobile marketing strategy needs to follow a set of common rules. The attention span of an average user is progressively declining whether it’s desktop or mobile devices. So any marketer should keep in mind the first and foremost rule of keeping the advertisement simple. People have no patience to see to the end of an elaborate message. A good advertising message keep it as short and clear as it can. Techniques like push notifications must discard everything else but the essentials.

Making the content optimised for mobile devices makes it easier for the users to find exactly what they are looking for. Optimising for a mobile content marketing strategy helps you provide relevant information to the user whenever he/she demands it.

Nothing helps in improving mobile user experience like a dedicated mobile application. One can integrate the most essential features of a brand into a simple process through an app. An app will not only be able to provide a customised experience but also makes the process of selling and buying a whole lot faster.

An important part of a various types of mobile marketingstrategy is testing and finding out what isn’t working out for you. We can utilise tools and metrics to constantly learn and update the marketing game plan.

Many efficient digital marketing companies in Kerala offer proven mobile marketing tactics to improve business.

Mobile page loading speed and SEO

The most important step in any thoughtful mobile marketing strategy is making your website as easily accessible to your customers as possible. The speed of landing pages area very determining factor that decides whether your mobile visitors want to stay in your website or not. Any high quality content is worthless if the target audience cannot access and view them through their device screens. This is why optimising your web pages for mobile requires special design that is both responsive as well as concise.

A non-optimised website poses the problem of lazy loading in mobile devices. A slow loading website can adversely affect your search rankings. Lazy loading discourages the user from visiting a website and make him/her look for other options. Google has made page speed an actual ranking factor and you can successfully measure the effect of page speed on SEO by tools like Google Page Speed Insight. A web page’s speed is determined by several factors like server, file size and image compression. Therefore the best practises to improve speed include compressing images, compressing codes, upgrade hosting etc. Allowing browser caching helps the user to store parts of the page in mobile browser cache.

Optimising your web pages for mobile

Responsive web designs helps sites to work same in different platforms. It is also very helpful to build your websites with a mobile-first plan. This refers to creating a website with mobile users in mind first. Designing with mobile in mind includes taking care of several factors like prioritization of screens, accessible content, easy navigation and colour system that go easy on the eyes. Visual elements like images, icons, illustrations etc. need to be optimised as well as they comprise a good part of your website. One can resize images, compress files and use alternative file formats for this purpose.

While it is key to conserve even a little bandwidth if it is possible, you don’t have to do it at the expense of user experience. Presenting an easy and attractive user experience is vital to the search rankings of a website.

Some Mobile marketing trends you can’t ignore

Social media

The nature of social media content will evolve more in a way to suit mobile devices such as smartphones. After all, more than 80% of social media browsing among younger audiences are through smartphones. A good social media marketing agency can give you sound advice on optimising social media content for mobile devices.

 In –app marketing

The quality of in-app advertising will definitely improve in the coming years. This will help the advertisers to use mobile channels more effectively for launching in-app campaigns.

More mobile shopping

Online shopping through mobile devices is progressively increasing. Quite a predictable trend as more and more people is making purchases through their mobile devices. Mobile driven sales are estimated to constitute 50% of total ecommerce sales in the coming years.

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