How to Advertise in LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertising is a highly cost-effective method to reach more business owners and decision makers.

You will be able to reach well defined, highly specific groups of users on LinkedIn, target users by job title, experience, industry etc.  If you are able to define your target audience, then you can reach them by advertising on LinkedIn. By creating a LinkedIn advertising account you can find out whom you can target.

How it’s Work

There are two main ways to use LinkedIn ads:

  • Self-service ads
  • Managed campaigns

With self-service ads, you set your own ad budget, write your advertising copy, and set up your own campaigns.

With managed campaigns you partner with a team at LinkedIn to fine-tune your ad copy; they also help you reach more premium prospects.

Types of LinkedIn Advert

  • Sponsored content – promote a post you have already shared
  • Text ads
  • Video ads
  • Form ads
  • Sponsored InMail

How to Get Most Impact from Your LinkedIn Ads

Here are some tips to make impacts from your LinkedIn ads:

Make sure your messages are simple and powerful. The effectiveness of marketing is all about the copy in many ways.

Your LinkedIn ads must be relevant to the industry and the people you are trying to reach. Make sure that the copy, images or photos, or any other elements of the LinkedIn ads are appropriate and effective.

LinkedIn offers a variety of tools to make sure only the right people see your messages, based on seniority level in a company, industry, and other factors. So pay attention to targeting and take advantage of those tools.

Sometimes only with marketing the ad may not be working. That’s why you have to test different headlines, body copy and images and also even different target markets to figure out what’s working and what doesn’t.

Along with that you should be monitoring closely the performance of your ads — the results of your testing — so you can quickly “roll out” ads that are bringing in leads and sales you want.

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