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The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the practice of sending messages to potential customers or current customers to boost your business. You can sell, educate and build loyalty by sending emails to prospective and current customers. It helps in developing brand awareness, building reputation, and helps in developing a trustworthy relationship with the customers. They are almost preferred by various online advertising companies in Kochi for the ultimate aim to drive sales to your business and thereby increasing brand awareness.

Why Email Marketing is Important for E-commerce?

Email marketing has a significant role in making a business successful. The advantages of implementing email marketing are huge. Email marketing allows for developing brand awareness, building relationships, promoting content, generating leads, marketing products, etc. Almost half of the world’s population uses emails to communicate. Mass acquisition of email makes it a perfect medium for your marketing. Mobile devices allow users to access mail instantly; this combination of mobile and email marketing gives you an extraordinary pace and reach in performing your marketing.

Let you build strong customer relationships

Email marketing gives you full authority over what you are sharing and when to share it. With proper planning, you will be able to deliver high-quality communication to your customers. You must have a plan about what will interest, entertain, and educate, your audience to stay on board with your email. Emails also play a crucial role in the second purchase. It is essential to keep your customers with your brand. Emails can make a huge impact on that. Regular interaction with customers makes them regular customers of yours.

Helps build brand awareness

Building brand awareness is an essential activity for any business that is looking to grow. Brand awareness is an abstract quality, which drives customers to choose your products over competitors. The better the customer knows you, the more they can buy from you.

When you send emails to them, you must include the brand’s logo and graphic content. And also, you should ensure that the graphics and the colour pattern used must be the same in every email. This helps your brand stay in the mind of the customer forever. If you find it difficult to do all these, this is where hiring the best digital marketing agency in Kochi will help you.

Emails are incredibly successful at driving sales

Promoting your brand through emails offer your audience a chance to make a purchase from their phone directly from the email. The more attractive and targeted your content is, the more possibly the reader takes action. You can include links to your sites in the email content. It helps to upsell your current customers and even helps to re-engage the customers that have not purchased from you in a while.

Enhance your time and budget

With any kind of business mainly with a small business, there are always limitations in budget and time. But the cost related to email marketing is normally starting very low. Most email marketing providers offer affordable marketing plans. In terms of time dedication, it can be put on autopilot with email marketing automation. Hiring email marketing services from a renowned SEO agency in Kochi can help with your branding.

Types of E-Commerce Emails

1. Welcome Emails

A welcome email is the first step in making a good relationship with your customer. It will be a challenging step because the first impression should be the best. Make sure your email is purpose-driven, excites the user, and initiates action. It is good to start with a simple, clean, easy on the eyes mail templates

2. Re-engagement Emails

It is an email or sequence of emails designed for retargeting or re-engaging the users that are currently not engaging with your regular emails. There are some reasons to stop engagement. Some of the reasons are controllable while some of them are out of control.

• Sending a lot of emails.

• Your emails aren’t in the interest of your customer.

• Your customer’s inbox is packed full of emails from other brands. Etc.

Re-engagement emails are the emails for retrieving these types of customers and making them interested in what you have to offer again. Some of the best email marketing strategies include using phrases like “We miss you”, and “Please come back”, to remind them of their past relationship with your brand.

3. Promotional Emails

Every day we all receive a lot of promotional emails, and most of these messages are less systematic and tactical. We all receive a huge number of emails every day, and almost all of them are very boring and incurious, so no one would care to open them. Now, this is very bad in the view of a brand, you need to give more care when creating promotional emails.

Unlike all other emails like order confirmation and account information, promotional emails commonly serve the objective of transforming email subscribers into customers. Brands use these emails to promote their products, services, offers, events, and campaigns. So, you must pay great care while creating it.

4. Post Purchase Emails

The first purchase of any customer is the foundation of the relationship between you and your customer. You must send post-purchase emails to your customer to bring up and turn them into loyal customers. Any communications that you send to customers regarding the purchase they made can be considered a post-purchase email. It includes critical information about the purchase that your customer had made.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Spam: Commercial email or spam irritates the customers. You should send the email to the right target audience, otherwise, the recipient may delete and unsubscribe. You should make sure that your email complies with the privacy and data protection rules.

Design Problems: Your email should be designed to look the same on all devices. Some designs would deliver differently on some devices, so you should give more care when designing the email.

Size Issues: Emails you send should have images and other files in them. Emails containing many images may take more time to load, this may irritate your customers and lose interest.

Competition: Email marketing is a popular form of marketing, which means your email is not only the one flooding user’s inboxes. So, you should stand to differ from the emails of your competitors. You must pay more attention to content writing and designing your mail. Hiring a social media marketing company in Kochi can help produce compelling content & design.

Top E-Commerce Email Marketing Tools

· Constant Contact

· HubSpot Email Marketing

· Mailchimp

· Mailmunch

· EmailOctopus


Now that you know the pros and cons of digital marketing, it’s time to implement them in your business. For better results, it is wise to hire email marketing services from a reputed digital marketing agency. However, there are so many digital marketing companies in Kochi that assist you in uplifting your business and one such is Hemito Digital. We are known for delivering precise result-oriented services that have helped various domestic and international brands achieve long-term success and we can do the same for you. Our in-house digital marketing team is adept at handling your requirements with ease. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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