How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2022

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Wish to become a top earner? Get ready to learn and implement the perfect strategies with the right choice of professional hands. Initiate your voyage with the real essence of affiliate marketing and dive deeper into the best programs you can get and subscribe to. Let’s read about How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2022.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Convert your taste into the passive way of earning commissions just by marketing other products and services of brands. Here being an affiliate means a person becomes indulged in marketing and sales for the aim of the merchant to get benefit from selling the service with an amount of commission.

Here the affiliate is concerned to promote what they love about the product to their audience. First of all, be active in social media platforms and get the best ideas and fundamentals of Facebook marketing to track the number of followers. With them, you can smartly make the waves for sale. In each sale, you can earn money! Do you feel more doubts about how to become an affiliate marketer? Cool, we are here!

Hemito Digital is a number one Facebook marketing company in Kochi with higher experience in gifting what you love to acquire in this area! Usually, the affiliate links from one site to another can be tracked in the sales. Get to the point!

You are marketing the brand by content sharing on their blog, website, or on leading social media platforms. If someone clicks on the tracking link, purchase something or convert it into the lead, you can successfully earn the commission. The dedicated use will make your life rejoice with a decent income every month.

Types of Affiliate Marketing:

Looking for a unique position in affiliate marketing? Get ready to stand alone with the popular marketing ways and find out the most demanded types of affiliate products to promote as per trend!

Webmasters/Site Owners

As affiliate marketers, they own websites and create sites. By this practice, advertisers make contact with them to use their sites and promote services there. The massive traffic directs such clients to the merchants through the banners, different types of links, and widgets. If the publisher’s product or service is interested in the topic that you cover on the website, then it works the best ever!

SEO/PPC Affiliates

These marketers wield their PPC skills to attract a number of customers to the website of advertisers via social media advertising, AdWords, SEO, etc.

Content Sites

In affiliate marketing, the most used are websites, blogs, and portals. The site owners do reviews about advertisers’ products just to convince their visitors to pay confidently! If the client purchase via the site, the affiliate gets a commission.


The publishers create user emails, databases that they use to send special offers or letters regarding the advertiser’s services.

Coupon Sites

The prominence of online shopping is highly played on these sites. Infinite people are daily searching for the coupon from many marketers. So, choose the most demanded types of affiliate products to promote! You can track these searchers and convert them into customers for the merchant’s brand.

Social Media

Many people are doing affiliate marketing, but they still don’t get the real essence of profit. So, the question you may ask yourself over and over again is this: how to become an affiliate marketer! People with high followers and supporters can easily refer these individuals to the site of the advertiser and earn a commission. Paid promotions are now prevalent in the top social media platforms.

Review Sites

Based on a niche or other, these sites review many products and websites of merchants. The site visitors can be converted to the best customers.

Incentivized Traffic

The advertiser offers incentives such as cashback for virtual currency if visitors take the demanded action. The client uses the incentives to make purchases.

Shopping Services

For specific brands, the site provides services that boost online purchases. It comprises review portals, aggregators, metasearch engine sites, price comparison sites, etc.

Types of Commission:

The commission is totally depending on the character of the product or service. At the minimum level, you can earn 5% of the commission in each sale. Some companies pay a 40% commission per sale, while some offer a flat rate instead of a percentage rate.

Based on the purchase or the converted lead, you get a decent amount of commission. If the promoted product is a subscription, the affiliate program offers a recurring commission and lets you earn commission on a regular basis.


It’s unavoidable to understand the working of cookies in order to get the types of tracking which help you to earn. With the tracking link, cookies find out whether a website visit was referred to from another source.

You should alarm about the duration of cookies in an affiliate program to know the time for purchase, otherwise, the sale cannot be attributed. The most commonly used attribution types are last click and first link.

Plan Affiliate Programs & Networks

Do you already have a website or producing content? Then find out your main audience and select the suitable affiliate program that fits your audience and provides you the best pay-out options like long cookie life and high commission rates. Register directly on the site to become a successful affiliate, directly offered by some company and make you able to access promotional materials and initiate reaping! The other option is to sign up to the affiliate networks and browse to find out the most suited program for you. (Ex: CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Awin, etc)

You can an incentive from some affiliate programs which allows you to get benefits to offer the best deals to your audience from higher pay-out. For example, some affiliate programs like SemRush conducts monthly contests where an affiliate can reap up to a huge amount. So, check on regular extra incentives if you stick to the affiliate program.

Promotion of Service/Product

Use your affiliate link to use the promo materials. So, you can promote the brand on your social media pages, articles, and emails. The most popular affiliate programs make you choose links, widgets, specific banners, or eBooks.


Are you ready to earn a decent passive income? Just follow the steps and precious information we provided and implement the right practices in affiliate marketing. Like all business characters, you need perfect motivation and mind to invest only in your hard work.

The right and valuable guidance from digital professionals like Hemito Digital will extremely help you to find out the unique position to do the best in the area. Have you noticed the success many affiliates experienced from the top social media influencers in 2021? Get to the point! Go smart with the right decision!

Regular digital marketing with an effective outcome will lead you to the best affiliate marketing. Try to understand your audience and identify the brand they could be interested in. Go for the right affiliate program that gifts you the most favorable conditions like attribution model, cookie lifetime, and the commission. Choose the right to get higher in affiliate marketing with the guidance of social media masters.

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