How to increase followers on Instagram

How to increase followers on Instagram?

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming users of the trending platform Instagram and many people try to grow themselves and their businesses with this amazing platform. So, writing a blog on how to gain more followers on Instagram will be very beneficial in the situation. Let’s read and follow the steps for how to increase followers on Instagram.

Optimize your bio

The first way to increase followers on Instagram is by optimizing your bio. Your bio is what explains to your followers who you are and what your life is. Thus, make the best out of those 150 characters.

Your Instagram bio should comprise of:

1) What is your profession.

2) Traits of your personality

3) A call to action button.

4) A link (Use link-in-bio tools such as Shop Grid to make it easier)

Post Consistently

The second way to get more followers on Instagram is consistency. On average, Instagram shares four Instagram posts per week. Posting at least once a day is our recommendation. The best results are seen when the brand posts regularly on Instagram. Frequently posting profiles gain more followers than the occasionally posting ones. The key factor to get your posts seen is consistency. Instagram analytics will show your post at the top of your followers’ feeds if your posts are getting good engagement regularly, but always give importance to quality rather than quantity. Use Instagram scheduling tools to schedule your posting consistently.

Write great captions

The third strategy to grow Instagram followers is writing great captions. Interesting captions always generate greater engagement which makes your profile reach. Instagram captions have the ability to make your images and videos fully understood and enjoyed. A caption also adds life to your posts. You can give short captions if it is a growing profile and longer ones for a reached profile.


The fourth routine to gain more followers on Instagram is using relevant hashtags. Use the right hashtags to make your post reach a larger and targeted audience.

Find relevant hashtags for your Instagram post by using Instagram tools like Display Purposes and AutoHash.

Display purpose helps you to get top hashtag recommendations by typing a few words about your image. A post with hashtags is more engaging than a post without hashtags.

When you add a hashtag to your posts, your posts can be seen on the page for that hashtag.

Engage with your audience

The fifth scheme is engaging with your audience as possible as you can to increase your followers on Instagram. Give a reply to every comment, it might be a chance to gain a new follower. Try to post contents which are more engaging. Tempt your followers to tag their friends in your post.

Collaborate with others

The seventh step is collaborating with micro-influencers to increase your followers on Instagram. If you want to increase followers on Instagram on a low budget, you can approach micro-influencers.

Explore the best time to post on Instagram

The eighth scheme is here. There is no universal solution for when to find out how to increase followers on Instagram. Use the Insight button to know the most active times of your audience. You can also try posting content that matches the time in which you post. For example, you can post a reel of food or entertainment during non-working hours as it is the time to relax.

Create unique and engaging contents

Now, let’s go through the inevitable way to gain more followers on Instagram. Create content that entertains the audience so that they may get tend to follow you. Generate novel and unique content in smart and effective ways. You will attain success only if you put your effort into your goal. So, keep working until you achieve it.

Try varied content type

Next is the last strategy but not the least to grow Instagram followers. Instagram has varied features to share your content. The most loved feature varies from person to person. So, make use of all the features on Instagram to increase your followers.

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