Create Google My Business Account & Verify Your Business

Create Google My Business Account & Verify Your Business

Create and verify a Google My Business account is critical if your business covers a specific service area. It will help your customers to find your business location, hours, and other updates. Your account enables easy contacting on online.

Business owners and start-ups need the best assistance of Hemito Digital, a reputed digital marketing company in Kochi, where you can entrust your brand to cultivate its productivity and boost search engine optimization. There are some other major reasons why you must have a Google My Business account in addition to the customer ease.

Improves Local Visibility

When someone searches for something in Google, it provides the result that is not only relevant to him/her, but also in consideration of proximity. Creating a Google My Business listing helps you rank for local results and get more local visibility to your business.

Competitive Advantage

In the local search landscape, an optimized Google My Business profile is perfectly a ranking factor. By optimizing your Google My Business profile completely, you can grab the opportunity to outrank competitors and gain an advantage. Hemito Digital is a top-rated SEO company in Kochi, where you can grab the best services for instant results. 

Manage Your Reputation

Now business owners can directly respond to and engage with their existing customer base. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, you can respond to them, answer the queries and even go for direct messaging.

Is it important to verify your GMB listing?

GMB verification is no more a tough task. It’s certainly worth exploring the possible option. Control the representation of your business on Google search and turn searchers into loyal customers. You cannot able to manage your business details in search maps and other properties of Google unless its verification.

Google needs to confirm your business, physical location and check whether you are authorized to own a listing. After this, you can make changes in business info, view insights, upload photos, publish new parts, respond to the reviews of customers, etc.

Having a GMB listing is essential because verified business is twice as likely to be considered by users as reputable in point of Google. The actual owner optimizes and edits the GMB profile, which leads it to look more consistent and trustworthy. And it’s crucial to gain control over the information that is comprised under the GMB profile.

Verify Google My Business and protect it from anyone who acts as your business representative and claim the listing as their own. So be aware of such pure & simple fraud cases.

What Do You Need to Create Account and Verify?

Are you a business owner? You can easily create a Google My Business account with these three items:

1) Google account

2) Business profile (On Google Maps, aka the listing on Google appears or the local results from a search)

3) Google My Business account (If you already have an email for business through Google, it’s easy to set up)

How to Create a GMB Account and Verify Your Business

1) Create a Google account for your business to make all organized

It’s better to gear your business smartly. Here the best recommendation is that the Google email you use to claim your business.

You have to make sure it’s a business profile while setting up your account for the business. To do this, just click on “Create Account” on the Google sign-in screen. After a single click, a drop-down menu will appear. Then click ‘To manage my business’ and simply follow the prompts to perfectly set up your account for business.

2) Sign in to Google My Business

Navigate to being signed in under the Google account. Watch the screen carefully and click the ‘Manage Now’ button. After a single click, you have to provide basic information about your business, its name, address, website, and phone number.

3) Make sure your online business listing is online

Without claiming with a Google My Business account, a business listing can exist in a single power, but there is a problem here! Business owners will have no control over the whole information provided by Google until they claim the listing.

Here you can easily search the name of your business to find your business listing. If you see an address populates next to it, understand that you already have a business profile and move to the next step.

If your listing is not seen online, you have to do a few steps in addition to Google My Business verification. If you cannot see an address, that populates next to your business name, it means there is no listing associated with it.

To add your location, go for the following steps:

1) Sign back to Google My Business

2) Click ‘Manage Locations’

3) Choose a location group

4) Click ‘Add Location’

5) Add important business details

6) Follow prompts for creating a new listing

Once you add your location to Google My Business, you will become the owner of the listing. It’s a great thing about this route and being able to bypass the process of claiming.

4) Request to claim your business profile

Do you think creating a Google My Business account can automatically connect to your business listing? No, it’s unfortunately impossible! You have to claim your business listing to connect your account to the business profile.

1) Request for search

Just search your name and location of business. Can you see a panel with a business listing (business information) on the right-hand side of the search results? Select the ‘Manage this listing’ option within the listing. Have you seen the next screen with the button ‘Manage Now’? Click it and follow the prompts to claim your business.

2) Request from Maps

Visit and type in the name of your business. Now click on your business profile and then click on the ‘Claim this business’ button. Once selected, a pop-up appears with a button of ‘Manage Now’. Click it and follow the prompts for claiming your business.

5) Verify your business ownership

Now you will be asked for details to prove that you are the owner of that business listing. Sometimes it’s depending on your business and if you are signed in to Google My Business, and instant verification and spontaneous access to your listing may happen.

Google will give a verification code to submit if you didn’t create your business profile. Depending on the requirements of your business, the verification code will be sent via phone, email, or postal mail. Anyway, Google provides the necessary option.

Once the verification code is received, you can enter into Google My Business and gain complete access to your business profile.

Take Your Time to Verify Business

Now Google My Business has changed the way of finding and engaging with your business by customers. If you wish for more targets with a successful business, optimize the business listing for local search. it will lead to an effective reach on your targeted people and attracts new customers.

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