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How To Build Your Brand With Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most rousing and trending social media platforms. Instagram has an enormous growth in the community reaching in past few years. Generally, Instagram users are more likely to follow brands on Instagram. For the time being, most of all Instagram users discover and research products on their Instagram feed. Instagram is transformed from just a photo-sharing app to a full marketing medium in the past few years. Hemito Digital is a leading social media marketing company in Kochi that boosts your business digitally mainly through Instagram.

More than Just Entertainment

We all know how enormous is Instagram for entertainment and sharing photos and videos with our friends, but it is also a great medium for growing a business. But why? And how it can be done?

The main reason is the interface and nature of Instagram, the visual nature of Instagram attracts users to spend more time on Instagram. Instagram provides a huge number of opportunities for businesses looking forward to showcasing their products. Businesses get more engagement and reach through Instagram reels, stories, and posts compared to other social media platforms. Instagram is constantly evolving; it introduces new features and product updates day by day. Let us read the following steps on how to build your brand with Instagram.

Creation and Optimisation of Instagram Profile

You should consider this as the first step in building a brand on Instagram. Your profile depicts your company and gives the users a clear picture of your company. Almost all companies set the logo as the profile picture and it is important to write a short and catchy sentence in the bio of the profile.

Create an Instagram Strategy

This is an important step in brand building with Instagram because if you don’t have a clear strategy it will end up with low-performing content.

To create an Instagram strategy, you have to consider the following things:

• Clear determination of goals

• Find out your target audience

• Find out your competitors

• Discover and create your content plan

Find your Style Pattern and Theme

After creating an Instagram strategy, you need to create contents and creatives to share. The most common mistake that everyone commits is that they don’t have a unique theme or style pattern. You should find out a unique and attractive pattern that suits your business. A unique style pattern gains more attention. You should follow that style throughout your Instagram posts, which creates your business and identity.

Quality Content

Choosing good quality images and catchy texts makes content good. The content must be interesting and captivating and thereby drives engagement from the followers. You should add catchy texts in the creatives and captions also to keep them engaged in your posts. If your followers like video content your best option on Instagram is to post content as reels and share it in the stories also.

Regular Posting

As with all other platforms, it is very essential to post regularly on Instagram. If you want your business to stand out active on Instagram you need to publish content regularly. You should make a schedule for posting content. It would be better to do at least three posts a week. If you don’t have time, hire the best social media marketing company in Kochi for the job. There are many ways to share content, you should share content in posts, stories, and reels. It is good to share the in-feed posts in stories also.

Discover the Apt Time to Post

As with all other social media platforms, Instagram also has peak time and downtime. But the best time for posting is not constant all the time, it may vary according to your followers. You can observe posting at different times to find out which time is the peak time for you to get more reach and engagement. After all, it is different for all businesses according to the business concern and the type of followers. There are so many digital marketing companies in Kochi who are specialized in Instagram branding that can assist you in building your brand.

Follow the Trends

Like every social media platform, there will be one person’s sound or video that goes viral, and the rest of the world join in with their own version. Most of the trends are harmless and funny. They all have a trending period most of them for two or three weeks and may be more or less. Why does a business brand like you join in these trends? Well, this is the best time to connect with your audience in a funny way. If you follow the trends, it gives you a rapid rise in engagement and higher reach. Try to connect your business or your products with the trend creatively. Consulting with some of the best online advertising companies in Kochi will help you know the latest trends.

Don’t Ignore the power of Hashtags

Hashtags are very important on Instagram. Adding hashtags increases the impact of the posts. They are like keywords and help to find out your posts through search. Hashtags help in describing your content, promoting your content, followers’ growth, finding your competitors, etc. Hashtags even allow people who may not follow your account to discover your posts and account. The hashtag helps in increasing engagement, but it may also decrease if it is misused. So don’t just use the trending hashtags but choose those that are related to your content or business.

Creation of Branded Hashtags

A branded hashtag is a unique hashtag that is only related to your brand or business. You can use the brand name, event name, or name of your products, or you can use your business tagline as your unique hashtag. Try to make your hashtag simple and short and easy to spell so that your followers can remember it easily. Using simpler and catchy phrases would make your hashtag more memorable. After creating a branded hashtag, do not forget to spread the hashtag everywhere. You should use your hashtags in all marketing materials including emails, printed products, creatives, etc.

Build Relationships with Followers

It is very important to make good relations with the followers by replying to their comments, creating online events, etc. In fact, responding to your followers is not just good manners but also promoting and growing the business. You should find time for these tasks; this creates a special bond between the followers and the brand. Replying to their comments encourages your followers to engage in your posts regularly. Conducting giveaways and contests is another way to promote and build good relationships with followers.


All right, now that you have got some strategies, it’s time to implement them for your brand. Even though it is fine to do by yourself, we would recommend hiring the services of Hemito Digital for getting the best possible results. Being a renowned digital marketing company in Kochi we have sufficient experience in implementing the right digital marketing strategies that help increase brand awareness and eventually uplift your business digitally.

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