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How to Automate Outbound Lead Generation

Lead generation is a critical process for all businesses. It helps companies connect with potential customers to find out whether they are a good fit for their products and services. When it comes to lead generation, let’s classify them into two types: inbound & outbound lead generation. Inbound lead generation requires the customers to find you. Once found, you can nurture them with strategies like social media, email marketing, etc by choosing the services of the best digital marketing company in Kochi. At the same time, outbound lead generation is much more intensive It involves the extensive study of the online market first and exactly identifying where the customers are. Once identified, you can use your marketing expertise to draw them towards your business.

How Outbound Lead Generation is done?

Outbound lead generation usually involves reaching out to potential customers via SMS or email and asking qualifying questions. This process is then followed up by offering the customers high-value resources or a lead magnet. By collecting more data about the customers, you can better nurture them along the journey and make them highly qualified leads for your business.

All these steps seem simple, right? But they can become a nightmare if done manually. The thing is that outbound sales often consist of tasks such as cold calling, and lead qualification which can be time-consuming. As these processes are done manually by the sales team, they don’t get the time to focus on other important tasks or promising leads. Being a highly trusted social media marketing agency in Kochi, this is precisely why we recommended automating the outbound lead generation tasks. By automating repetitive tasks, you get more time to find decision-makers and close deals.

Ways to automate Outbound Lead Generations

When it comes to automating outbound lead generation, several tools and strategies can be used for that. Let’s see some of them below. You can either try them or hire a renowned social media marketing company in Kochi for the job.

Cold Email Automation Tools

Sending well-prepared cold emails initially is one of the most tried and tested ways to get a particular customer’s interest. However, as told earlier, the process can get tiresome if there are so many clients. Therefore, to increase your cold email campaign success rate, you can use various cold email automation tools. By using such tools, the sales team won’t need to spend hours identifying leads. You will have the ability to identify companies that are a great fit for your services. You can also filter the leads based on parameters such as demographics, firmographics, technographic data and more.

Qualifying Leads using CRM tools

Alright, if you have been using cold email automation tools, you must already have a steady stream of prospects entering your pipeline. That’s great, however, the next step is to identify the customers or qualified leads who are willing to make a sale. This is also a time-consuming procedure but using the concept of lead scoring, identifying qualified leads can be a breeze. The point is that most CRMs and email marketing software in existence have lead scoring features built-in. 

This can be used to assign scores to your leads based on the actions they make on your website. As the purchase-ready leads are automatically identified by the automation tool, the sales team doesn’t have to manually review each lead. They can instead rely on the ones automatically identified by the system thereby helping save hours of work, pretty neat.

Smart Email Automation Tools

Once the leads you have selected make an effort to interact on your website, it is important to nurture them thereby converting and driving them to the sales point. Maybe the customer has signed up for your webinar or enquired about your business via the call of action, but they might not be ready to buy from you. But, you have to assume they will make the purchase and the best way to nurture them is via email marketing. 
By using smart email automation tools, you can send relevant information such as webinar invites, blog posts or a personalised email that will help customers make a decision. If your wish to get these benefits and make your business a success, this is the right time to hire the best social media marketing agency in Kochi and see the changes yourselves.

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