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How Can Digital PR Improve a Brand’s Presence?

There’s a digital revolution going on all over the world.Almost every day there is something new is coming out and once in a while some of them are bigger news. However big is your business is and whatever field it operates in, getting its name out there is your top priority. In these days brands adopt this strategy to increase their online presence. Digital PR is a proven tactic to increase the presence of brand online. If you do it in the right way you definitely get a good result and it can be one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand. Most of the successful brands are looking beyond the SEO and paid ads and they are investing in strong story telling through PR. It helps in acquiring links, influencing purchase, increasing traffic, customer engagement etc, by choosing the services of best digital marketing company in Kochi.

 What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a strategy to increase the presence of your brand online. The aim of digital PR is to tell the audience about your brand and get high quality backlinks from online publications and websites. The right digital strategy leads to get better visibility of your website and rank it higher in search results. You can target local news websites, local blogs, local reviews etc. It helps in getting yourself featured in local areas and get more visibility from local areas.

Digital PR vs Traditional PR

Traditional PR is done in real world and the Digital PR is done in the digital world. This is the only main difference between digital and traditional PR. Traditional PR involves in networking with journalists in order to get featured in the printed publications. The traditional PR mainly focuses on radio, television, and printed publications. On other side digital PR focuses on online publications and websites to gain high quality backlinks and reach.

Both traditional and Digital PR aims at boosting your brand reputation and brand awareness. Now a days most of the people turning towards online resources. Almost all people use online resources more than traditional medias. So, these days digital PR have more important than traditional PR. Brands get more engagement and reach through online medias. People who specialised in traditional PR is also started shifting to Digital PR. Even though there are many people doing Traditional PR these days.

Goal of Digital PR

Aim of both digital and traditional PR is to promote your business by increasing your brand’s visibility among the targeted audience and increase your brand’s reputation. The only difference is the methods used to accomplish the goal. Digital PR targets at increasing the brand value using digital tools. But it is very difficult to survive in the digital world because of a number of competitors are also growing. So, it will be very challenging, but there are so many methods that can be used and remain competitive

How Can Digital PR Benefit Your Brand

Internet is become one of the most trustable sources of information for the people across the world. That’s why the Digital PR is become the most effective and profitable strategies to get authenticity and awareness. It is one of the most trustable and authentic ways to convey your brand’s story to your targeted audience. Now you are familiar with the term Digital PR, let us tell you about how Digital PR can help your brand.

Help brands in telling their stories

PR is storytelling, brands can tell their stories to the targeted audience. You can talk about how the brands started business and how it is going on. The PR professionals will ensure the story told is appropriate and relevant. Does it give any advantage to the audience? Or does it engage, entertain or provides knowledge to the targeted audience.

Increases web traffic

When a wide variety of audiences read your content frequently, it helps in attracting more people to your brand. When more start looking for your brand, it increases traffic to your website. If the contents are entertaining and interesting then the audience comes to read your content frequently and may refer your brand and content to others also. This expands the amount of traffic your website receives.

Establishes brand authority

PR helps in becoming your brand authoritative, and this makes the audience think that you are the leader in this sector or field. This is done by establishing informative and entertaining contents. The brand authority is meant to be the trust that they earned from customers. Active online presence, interesting contents and occasional engagement are the key factors that affect brand authority.

Digital PR helps in building relationships

Creating an interesting and genuine story often build trust and authentic relationship with the customers and audience. If your brand is reputed and the content is strong, then the audience, customers, and the stakeholders more read, engage and support your content. These relationships create brand loyalty.

Improves SEO

When you provide good quality, standard information to the audience, Google automatically pick you over all other websites. When you post your content on high authority sites that links to your website, then your SEO ranking improve for your target keywords. As your SEO ranking raises, it will also increase your website traffic, sales or leads.

Builds trust in your brand

After all of the above takes place, you’ll get more positives reviews about product or services you offer.This positiveness is too good for engaging your targeted audience more. If they feel that they are reading good quality content that they need, they continue to read and engage more with your contents. This creates a trust in your brand. As these audience engage more in your content, and they start to follow your social media accounts, then more people start to know about your brand. You can even pitch them as your customer by engaging them in your articles and content.

Who Runs Digital PR Campaigns?
Keeping Google’s ranking signals and guidelines in mind, Digital PR campaigns can be run by anyone with a decent understanding of Google’s ranking signals. SEOs and content marketers who are familiar with the industry are the best people to run Digital PR campaigns.Hemito Digital is a leading social media marketing company in Kochi that helps you in improving Digital PR.

Here are familiar types of Digital PR

Unlinked Mentions:The unlinked brand mentions are those online instances of your brand-or anything directly related to it-which do not link back to yours.

Guest Posts:Guest posting refers to writing for a website,blog,or publication that you are not affiliated with.A link to your own website is usually included somewhere within the text and can be include a little acknowledgement at the end of your post.

Directory Inclusions:It refers to the listing of your company website in a directory that lists other companies with similar services.

Influencer Marketing: In simple words, influencer is the person who can influence other people. The influencer is paid by the brands to promote their products or services.

To Sum Up

These days, Digital PR become an indivisible part of Digital PR strategy. There is no doubt that Digital PR helps increasing brand awareness, increases search ranking and uplifting reputation. That’s why brands investing n Digital PR strategy. Hemito Digital is the top SEO Agency in Kochi, helps you in improving your brand’s presence online

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