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Google Adsense 101

In this millennial era, advertisement has taken all sorts of forms. And Google definitely pioneers among them. In this article, we will be discussing Google Adsense developed by Google in 2003. And by early 2005 this program accounted for 15% of the total revenue of Google. Now if you are a business you definitely in on this, as Google is on the zenith of internet reach.

Now how to run ads on Google Adsense?

Cardinal step is to choose the type of payment according to your preference. This could be PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPM( Cost Per Impression).

Pay Per Click

The notion of PPC is that you only pay for an ad when somebody clicks on it. So if your ad is shown to 50 people and only 10 people click on it. You only pay for 10.

Cost Per Impression

CPM adverts are basically about charging a pre-determined cost for an ‘n’ number of ads. So if you want to run 100 ads, even if there are no clicks on the ad, you will have to pay the price of 100 ads.

In comparison, CPM’s are cheaper, but if it’s taken in the sense of ROI( Return of Investment, we will be discussing it in future blogs), then CPM could cause a company loss as the engagement by the viewer is not guaranteed.

Google Adsense has become one of the most sought after advertisement platform as its Ad contents are mostly correlated to that of the websites or blogs where it is published. Adsense comes particularly handy for small scale businesses who lack the manpower for sales and the resources for advertisement sales programs. The ads can be simple text, image, animated image, flash video, video, or rich media ads.

Now I will specify ways through which you can earn maximum engagement to your ads.

  • Instead of limiting yourself to online marketing, use a wide range of traffic-generating techniques.
  • Build content that attracts those AdSense advertisements that pay out the most when clicked.
  • Most importantly post original and engaging content that encourages visitors to click on advertisements. Also, have a knowledge on which catchphrases are allowed by Google.

So now it’s time to bring your A-game on Google Adsense.

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