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launched live audio rooms in facebook like clubhouse

Facebook Officially Launched New Features in US; Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts

In April 2021, Facebook declared its new and planned investments in the new audio products, comprising Clubhouse live audio competitors as well as a new assistance for podcasts. Now Facebook officially rolling out these products with a fresh launch of Live Audio Rooms in the US, on iOS, initially opening with public figures and select […]

How Clubhouse Helps Business Entrepreneurs to Grow in 2021

How Clubhouse Helps Business Entrepreneurs to Grow in 2021


All the platforms that are accessible in front of you right now are incredible opportunities to build your brand. Here, Clubhouse app is a new platform to explore to the successive level. Do you know how to make money on the Clubhouse app? Unlike other apps, Clubhouse provides you a great opportunity to talk in […]

Influencer Marketing Strategies 2021

Influencer Marketing Strategies 2021

In this society where social media is so dominant, the adequate way to boost a brand is to stimulate the best use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The intention can only be successfully accomplished if it is suitably collaborated with the influencers. Many modifications in 2021 have contributed to the strategies to be […]

Facebook Marketing 2021

Facebook Marketing 2021: The Best Strategies for Your Business


Potential customers like you are looking to accelerate their business on Facebook. The smartest Facebook marketing strategy is definitely to be connected to customers through Facebook even it is a small business. The best way is to take your brand to next level on social media. More than 2.8 billion people use Facebook every month. […]

Top-social-media-influencers-in kerala

Changing the collective thinking: Top social media influencers in Kerala 2021

The new Covid world order has spurred Kerala into a radical new wave of change. And a good chunk of credit goes to social media influencers in popular social media platforms revolutionising Kerala, one step at a time. Thanks to the pandemic driven lockdown and the consequent increase in internet buzz, last year has witnessed […]

social media agency kochi


Several years ago, the idea of using social media for business might not have sounded important. Today social media has become a necessary ingredient for successful marketing of brands, products and services. Social media in business has come a long way from simple being used to broadcast brand image. Social media marketing has the power […]

online reputation management


What is online reputation management? Everyone has an online reputation. When it comes to brands/ businesses/products online reputation essentially defines the way they are perceived by potential consumers who search for them or happens to stumble upon them in internet. Online reputation management companies therefore controls the way a business is presented in the digital […]

Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is definitely in everyone’s list of latest marketing trends now. And rightfully so. Mobile optimised websites play a crucial role in the success of any business now. The term mobile marketing covers a broad spectrum of strategies that intend to reach customers through their mobile devices. There’s a lot that can be done […]