Digital Marketing Automation Tools in 2021

Digital Marketing Automation Tools in 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Best Marketing Automation Softwares
  2. Price of different marketing automation software providers
  3. Conclusion
  • For Small Businesses
  • For Medium-Sized Businesses
  • For Enterprise Businesses

Nowadays marketing automation industry is uprising with the most utilizing and best digital marketing automation tools. Many of the marketing leaders are already wielding at least one digital marketing automation platform and a large group is planning to start using one for the best brand story. A list of platforms is continuing to grow better with top marketing automation software tools. Amid the endless list of marketing automation services to choose from, let’s find out the best marketing automation tools in India 2021.

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Best Marketing Automation Softwares


Over 90,000 businesses are highly utilizing ActiveCampaign and it provides overall and best marketing automation software for small businesses. This is initially introduced as the visual automation sequence builder. Pricing significantly talks that it is the most affordable marketing automation tool on the market.

As you compare with the tools like Hubspot, it is not eye-watering expensive and remains affordable as you grow with your business. To stay in the lead, it constantly releasing fresh features and the most interesting to the brand owners. ActiveCampaign can import and share automation recipes in just a few clicks to build on sequences, built by the ActiveCampaign community. So, it is very better than most automation providers.


The underdog in the world of transactional email tools, that was SendinBlue, before they start to create waves with their marketing automation product. ActiveCampaign is the best, even though SendinBlue’s visual marketing automation builder is not less powerful in visual attraction. SendinBlue is the most affordable email marketing tool and usually offers free digital marketing automation on the condition of you have fewer than 2000 contacts.

Its deliverability rates are very good in the industry. But one of the pointed downsides is its sending limit. SendinBlue limits how many emails you can send. While it appears to be a monthly limit, it is, in reality, a daily limit, which means the monthly limit is divided by 30; even though it is a good, stable, and simple marketing automation tool.


The Autopilot provides you the best-designed canvas for email automation sequence building and it is very much interesting. It allows you to annotate your automation sequences with stickers, emojis, and proper explanations and makes it the team easy to do a collaborate on buildings sequences. You can revisit an automation sequence a year after built and quickly get up to speed with what’s going on.

The feature inside Autopilot makes the trigger action in your other tools. This enables having to configure all integrations using a tool like Zapier and sequence becomes much easier to tap. Autopilot helps you to set a goal for every automation sequence, leads you to view reports later around how it hitting the targeted goal. This is far from the cheapest option, but considering that it does not provide an in-built-CRM. If we like to move from ActiveCampaign, this is the best option.


Are you ready to realize that Hubspot is over-hyped? Yes, while it offers a free version of their software, this doesn’t add any of their features of marketing automation. The analytics are really good, which made it very easy even for small business owners to acknowledge what’s working and what’s not in a nutshell. You may fall for their offers, but the point is that Hubspot will be expensive as you grow. Then what’s the merit?

Better to move on with ActiveCampaign, which is more advanced on the marketing automation platform. In addition, what’s leftover, you will have a pro subscription to the better piece of SEO softwares like Deepcrawl or SEMrush and have some Google Analytics training. It is wise to choose a tool by observing what are the best practices of marketing automation.


It is a comprehensive all-in-one marketing sale, and service automation software with free CRM. The best thing here is that able to opt for pay and use the full suite or buy the pieces you need for business. EngageBay contains top marketing automation software tools. It will lead more easily to the replacement of numerous tools and creations of the quilt version.

You will be highly able to get an end-to-end view of the customer journey and capture and analyze insights about your particular audience. Social media marketing and multi-channel marketing are highly possible with this platform. You can send engaging emails to your database with wonderful templates or customized styles. Conversion will be good with a rich builder. Automating other routine manual tasks is simply possible.


In the marketing automation scene, it is relatively a new tool with best designed and acquired several innovative features comprising integrations with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, to help eCommerce marketers to automate their marketing in multiple channels. Its email templates are ready to solve specific challenges, actually faced by eCommerce marketers to driving product reviews by reducing cart abandonment.

It naturally integrates with the eCommerce platform, so it is a no-brainer marketing automation tool too. You can trigger your campaigns based on customer’s behavior and helping to view the reports on your marketing automation impact sales. Unlike Hubspot, Omnisend’s pricing remains as reasonable as you grow, but it’s not cheap too for your business in the market.


Marketo offers you a web-based email marketing platform and it comprises features like landing pages, nurturing social media, web analytics, email marketing, etc. The Marketo is used by around 33,000 customers worldwide and has over 43,000 users.

It assists to find the customer and their business will help you to increase the revenue. Marketo automates marketing campaigns and building a personalized manner to engage the customers. Its products are highly used for small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. It is the best marketing automation software for small businesses. Moreover that, it evolving regularly and making better customer support.

Price of different marketing automation software providers:

According to the number of your contacts, the monthly price for each marketing automation software provider will vary.

Price of different marketing automation software providers


Experienced digital marketing agencies will be skilled to generate the most effective use of Facebook marketing strategies in 2021. With their support, adequate marketing automation tools for the productivity of the business can be obtained in the proper way to accomplish success. Here you have to realize that no marketing automation tool is the best to point out for your business.

For Small Businesses

ActiveCampaign is one of the best marketing automation tools in 99% of cases in small businesses. If you prefer an all-in-one sales and marketing platform, including a CRM, kindly go for it. If you already own a CRM, your budget allows you to go for Autopilot, as their journey of automation builder is second to none. For an eCommerce business, Omnisend can also be focused.

For Medium-Sized Businesses

ActiveCampaign, Autopilot, and Hubspot are the better options here. For B2B service companies, Hubspot is a reasonably good investment, even though its cost would likely be offset by winning one or two extra clients per year. Omnisend is a better choice for eCommerce businesses.

For Enterprise Businesses

Deliverability, security, support, and training are the most considerable things for larger businesses. Marketo’s products are complex and difficult to use among most other enterprise marketing automation tools. ActiveCampaign is a good choice too with their enterprise plan, which includes demanded features – dedicated IPs and SLAs to SSO and account management, that you may expect as an enterprise client.

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